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i’m writing my beowulf essay rn and i’m actually kinda proud of it

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good morning!!

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also derek shepherd fucking sucks and i will preach that until i die

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grey’s update: i hate richard webber and i always have

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obvi there are tons of ppl who i appreciate but emma and barbara are the ones that came to mind rn

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i am taking a second to appreciate my friend emma like… she is truly one of my favorite human beings and she never fails to make me laugh and she’s so smart and genuine and talented at singing and acting and like overall amazing and she’s so nice and willing to listen and help w problems and i love her so much i can’t imagine my life without her

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i also want to appreciate barbara like i can’t even explain how much i appreciate her presence in my life and if i ever found words they still wouldn’t be enough to describe how much i love her and she is just so so so many wonderful qualities combined and i know i would be significantly worse off if i didn’t know her

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truce is such a beautiful song like every time i hear it i get emotional

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i’m vomiting bc same love just came on twenty one pilots pandora

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for someone who hates boys i really really like boys

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"Where are you thinking of applying to college?"

i’m applying ED to nyu and i am semi planning on getting accepted but overall i am v hopeful

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i cannot express how much i love the song holding on to you

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it’s so satisfying when i go to crack my knuckles and they all crack like down the line like… it is v fulfilling

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